5 Future Car Technologies That Truly Have a Chance

Technology is residually changing in many automobile companies. Things such as self-driving cars, vehicles that elope electricity, or vehicles that elope of used canola engine oil even; the options are endless.

Here are some of the down the most high technologies in the automobile industry that have a chance in the future.

  1. Self-Driving vehicle Cars

This isn’t a fresh idea, but this ideal will come to reality in the future years. For a long time, Television shows and movies have displayed self-driving cars in revolutionary settings, but it is yet to be considered a driving option.

Google has already developed self-driving cars that contain driven over 200, 000 km mileage on general public streets and highways. Large automobile companies even, like General Motors have begun testing with self-driving vehicles.

They are designed to limit the time spend on traffic jams as well as prevent damages.

  1. Airbags

Airbags are common in vehicles. From the time when airbags began being installed in cars, they have been increasingly used.

It had been only a subject of their time before people attempted to use airbags to decrease an automobile down. Mercedes has been focusing on deploying airbags from under the car whenever the cars brakes are hit hard suddenly.

The working job of the airbags is always to push the automobile upwards that ought to stop the dipping motion during hard breaking. This technology has yet to be utilized in virtually any of Mercedes current automobiles, but can’t be a long time away.

  1. Energy Storing Car Body Panels

With so many car makes going towards making cross types models, the next thing is to have the ability to demand these vehicles as easily as it can be. Producers want into finding techniques the physical body of the automobile actually charges the electric batteries within them.

Solar power was the first option, but it has proved futile as maintaining the batteries energy and utilizing it more effectively through the times the automobile is not fired up is hard.

With 9 leading companies examining this out in European countries, we expect to have more improvements in the future.

  1. Communication Between Cars

Vehicle to Vehicle or V2V communication has been recently examined by some companies. V2V works by sending cordless signals in one car to some other, alert of you of your possible collision; even striking the brakes for you maybe. This technology is perfect for reducing road accidents on highways.


  1. Augmented Reality Dashboard

This is another type of technology that might be witnessed in the future is Augmented Dashboards. The main question is how they can analyze things, their ability to display information shown, the danger level, etc… BMW automobile company is among the top researches, with a few of their autos already outfitted with basic editions of the dashboard.

The above technologies are on the brink of their introduction, and may be of great influence in changing the shape of the automobile industry in the real world.