The Future of Self-Driving Cars

It is undoubtedly that this is the most expected technology in the automobile industry. In future, we expect to have self-driving cars on the roads all over the world. There have been a series of improvements in these sectors that have given hint on what is expected in the future.

For example, Washington has licensed the use of self-driven card on roads while Singapore has given out licenses for the manufacture of self-driven cars. Here are some expectations of self-driven cars;

  1. Healthy and Safety

Reliable sources like the world Health Organisation has noted that self-driving cars are ideal in reducing death cases caused by road accidents. These autonomous will help reduce damages that are caused by road accidents.

Studies show that self-driving cars are 50% safer than human drivers and this is huge impact in the industry. There are huge economic impacts that are caused by human driver accidents and these might change the situation.

  1. Growth of the Automobile Industry

The introduction of self-driving cars is expected to take the automobile industry to a higher level. The sale of self-driving cars will lead to growth of expertise and specialization with an expected 20% shift from human drivers to self-driving cars.

These cars will also have a great impact on the transportation of both people and light goods as they are highly efficient and reliable.

  1. Financial Services

The introduction of self-driving cars is expected to change the mode of financing of vehicle buying. The auto-loan market is expected to change and people may change to subscriptions.

Other expenses like parking fees are expected to reduce as little parking is expected since the cars are designed to go for their customers

  1. Real Estate

Cars usually take up a lot of space, and this results to usage of extensive real estate spaces in parking. From home garages to cities, and office parking lots, human driven cars have many notions regarding parking.

Self-driving cars does not require these office parking lots and garages, thus giving new insights to the real estate industry. In the future, there are expected amendments in city zoning laws as there will reduction of such spaces thus giving way to more living space and business expansions.

Self-driving cars are expected to change future life in many ways. With these reformations underway, we expect to see the automobile industry to change significantly and get a new shape than the original one.